Sunday, 14 May 2017

Cleo Dungaree Dress

I wanted to make a Dungaree dress, and it was surprisingly hard to fin a decent pattern! I chose this one from Tilly and the Buttons, called Cleo it was relatively simple to make and only uses 1.2m of fabric which makes it very cost effective.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern which was making the straps thicker, so that they would fit better into the clip things which I had already bought. I forgot to bear in mind that wider straps need a larger space where they attach to the back of the dress. I also made the straps so that they were adjustable in length, meaning I had to make the straps pieces longer from the pattern.

I added some swallow Iron on patches from Jennie Maizels (it's best too sew those on as they didn't stick very well to the corderoy!). Overall pretty pleased with the dress and definately plan to make more.

Nb I have actually no idea how the pocket ended up so low down! seems to be ok though!

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