Sunday, 13 August 2017

Make it in Design Summer School Creative Brief - Pure Zen

For the last couple of weeks I've been coming up with a pattern design for the Make it in Design Summer School Creative Brief, which was themed "Pure Zen". 
My idea was based upon the idea of oriental origami being very calming to make. A Crane bird is a very popular design to make, and so I decided to base my pattern idea on the image of a folded paper crane.  I used a calming grey palette for the crane outlines and a very slight pink hue in the watercolour background. I'm fairly pleased with the end result although I didn't really have enough time to work on it!

Origami Cranes Pattern by welaughindoors
Origami Cranes Pattern

Origami Cranes Wallpaper Pattern by welaughindoors
Example of a possible application of the pattern as a wallpaper

Origami Cranes Pattern cushion by welaughindoors
Fabric application

Origami Cranes Pattern Wall by welaughindoors
More wallpaper

Origami Crane by welaughindoors
My folded paper origami Crane

3 x original interior images: Designed by Mrsiraphol / Freepik

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