Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival 2015 part 2

Welcome to the second part of my favourite things from Pick Me Up festival 2015.

I watched a lecture by Robert Sollis, co- fonder of Europa on how they developed this year's identity for the festival. The studio developed several different variations of their typeface to create a dynamic visual identity which I think looks appropriate to the event, which is about innovation, the handmade and unique.
Pick me up Who What Where
Examples of the typefaces
The promotional posters for the event were hand screen-printed in three colours, and those that were too big were painstakingly hand painted (such as the large sign right outside the venue). I love the overprinting on the spotty words.

Pick me up Screen printed poster 
Screen printed poster
The wall inside the Pick Me Up platform room was covered in these posters, with keywords about the event.
Pick me up Screen printed posters
Screen-printed keywords (borrowed from PMU Facebook page)

One of the most interesting things to me about the identity was the way that they used the colour separations from the screen-printed posters to inspire some cut out large installations for inside of the festival. I always think it's really cool how you can sometimes still make sense of an image/ text even when not all of the colour separations are present (when screen-printing). You can see on the image below what I'm on about (sorry it is a bit dark!)

Pick me up installation
Installation with parts of the typeface visible

Back to some of my favourite works.
I had a go at using a printing machine with Sope Studio. They had prepared a series of background patterns, which you could choose from and then choose a second tile to be printed on the top, creating some really cool bits of art (they're all featured on a special Instagram page). Here's mine:

Sope Studio tiles
Sope Studio tiles
The guys also had some great work for sale, some was again based on geology and rocks (a bit of a theme going on!) such as this one by Lydia Shirreff, and some more of their lino printed tile designs.

Finally I bought a print by LaTigre, a graphic design studio based in Milan, directed by the designers Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni. I really liked the geometry and simplicity of this screen print, but it also has texture when you look closely.

There were lots of other amazing artists but I can't write about them all, so I advise that you visit immediately! The exhibition is on until 4th May at Somerset House. 

I realised that I had totally forgotten to mention the marvellous stand that was Ohh Deer! They were extremely nice and let me make a lovely Deer themed greetings card by sticking lots of stuff and scribbles together and then they had a postbox to post it to a friend.
I bought some coasters from them to brighten up my desk.

Glam rock coaster Gemma Correll
Glam rock coaster Gemma Correll

Elephant by Sophie Corrigan
Elephant by Sophie Corrigan

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