Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival 2015 part 1

A couple of days ago I went to Somerset House in London to visit Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival 2015. I have been twice previously and always found it really inspiring!

Here are some of my favourite pieces/collectives/artists from the show.

One of the artists that really caught my eye even before I went was Hattie Newman. Her images are created by making actual 3D models out of paper/card, as part of the exhibition was an actual piece in a cabinet which showed her creative process, so fiddly but looks awesome!

Hattie Newman for Kiehls
Hattie's Earth Day piece for Kiehl's

Hattie is represented by Blink Art, who had a section exhibiting work from their other artists, as well as an activity creating scratch art! here is my lame attempt...

My scratch art
Blink art
This is what the professional's looks like!

Another artist from Blink Art is Essy May, I don't think her work was displayed but I found it on their website, and I love it! Most of her work is both dark and colouful. Here is one of my favourite peices:

Save The Bees Bee Now Here by Essy May
Save The Bees Bee Now Here by Essy May

The third artist from this group that caught my eye was Ryan Hopkinson, a photographer and director who creates amazing compositions for a variety of clients such as Adidas, Sony & Creative Review.

The Odyssey by Ryan Hopkinson
The Odyssey

Another collective who were offering a chance to take part in some creative stuff were Studio Fludd. They have a really interesting approach to ideas generation, and they really like Gelato. Their brief was to pick 2 adjectives (by choosing from a selection of cards, unfortunately not ones chosen yourself!) and them use them to create an ice cream (Gelato) image representing those words using loads of lovely materials. My words were Militant and Fusion, very random! This is my creation:

There's loads more info on their process and images of their work on the website. I especially like their science-based imagery on gemstones, risograph printed and made into a book.

Ephemera & Miscellanea book by Studio Fludd
Ephemera & Miscellanea book

There's lots more that I liked, coming soon in another post :)

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