Thursday, 12 May 2016

Recent trip to Eden Project and new camera pics

I visited the Eden Project to take part in a Botanical Painting 3 day course (will post about that soon) whilst there I took some photos with my newly acquired camera, Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II. It was an ideal place to test it out with a wealth of beautiful flowers and plants.

Orange ranunculus by welaughindoors
Beautiful Ranunculus Flower
Echeveria plant by welaughindoors
Echeveria Succulent Plant, I love its geometry.
Climbing Sorrel Begonia glabra by welaughindoors
Climbing Sorrel (Begonia Glabra)
Green and purple foliage by welaughindoors
Just love the contrast of this lime and purple foliage
Mysore Clock Vine by welaughindoors
Mysore Clock Vine Flower
Orange Ranunculus by welaughindoors
Another lovely Orange Ranunculus
Pink Ranunculus by welaughindoors
Pink Ranunculus Flower with white Ranunculus
Pink Ranunculus macro by welaughindoors
Close up macro Pink Ranunculus
Roul Roul birds by welaughindoors
Roul Roul birds enjoying a puddle bath
Purple tulip by welaughindoors
Another lovely contrast between Purple tulip and mint coloured leaves
tulips by welaughindoors
Some fancy Tulips!

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