Saturday, 17 October 2015

My latest Cornwall Trip

I've collected a few pics I took whilst on holiday in Cornwall a few weeks ago.

 Loved the different textures in this pic, taken on my cliff walk from Polzeath, and the vivid orange of the Lichen.

 I photographed lots of coastal flowers and plants, which I plan to draw at some point!

 A selection of beautiful Dahlias from the collection at the Eden Project

I love the the beautiful leaves on these Succulents and how they grow out from the centre. 

 Adorable Tree Frog hiding amongst the leaves in the rainforest Biome

 The contrast of colour on the leaves of this plant really caught my eye.

 The ethereal beauty of the Sensitive plant's flowers 

A lovely mix of colourful wild flowers
 Lovely contrasting green and purple cabbages in the vegetable garden at the Lost Gardens of Heligan

 Not sure what flowers are but their colour and scale is stunning!

 Mud man at Heligan

Sunny Harlyn Bay on the final day.

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